Friday, July 22, 2011

Of general interest,

311.945 miles per hour on a motorcycle. Damn.

I doubt these were Black Widow bites; they're generally considered pretty painful. Something else, but I doubt BW.

So TSA doesn't just steal your stuff, they steal your money, too, while they're molesting you.

O'Keefe has had some stings running on Medicaid offices; major media ignores- as usual- and liberals scream "LIAR! EDITED!!" as usual to defend.

And that's it for now

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Bob said...

I myself was wondering how in hell you get 19 spider bites on your foot; only way I could figure is if the spider dropped into your boot while you were working, or you were working in sandals. If the fellow's foot was numb (from neuropathy, for example) he wouldn't feel the bites.