Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just listened to something fairly disgusting

Happened I hadn't turned the radio off and Hannity was on when I came in. He was talking to some guy who was apparently a bigshot in the civil rights movement in the 60's, and could not get a straight answer to a question:
"If a couple of white guys were standing in front of a polling place wearing white hoods, waving batons and throwing racial epithets at black voters, should they be prosecuted by the Justice Department for voter intimidation?"*
Simple, right? Answer should be 'Yes'. Period.

He wouldn't say that. At all. He kept trying to ask different questions, he tried to talk around it, he tried throwing in "Well, IF this" and "But in the in the past" and anything else he could think of; he would not simply answer that question. And the only conclusion I can draw is Because if he says they should be prosecuted, then the NBPP clowns should be prosecuted, too. And he wants them to get away with their voter intimidation.

I wonder if he doesn't understand or just doesn't care about the precedent being set by this? That the JD will look at cases through color-filtered glasses; therefore that the JD cannot be trusted to impartially enforce the law.

I wonder if he doesn't realize or doesn't care what that crap could lead to?

*Not his exact wording, as close as I can recall


dick said...

"I wonder if he doesn't realize or doesn't care what that crap could lead to?"

Honestly, it wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep. I'm tired of these assholes.

Namenlos said...

I heard that interview the other day in the car. I agree he just kept trying to dodge it. Truth is he agrees with to some degree that those racists anti-Americans are right. It is a bigger shame that nobody was aggressive enough in the media to point that out during the interview.

Shy Wolf said...

I tried listening to that interview but got so sick of his syrupy condescension tone that I had to shut off the radio or shoot it. He's a classical dipshit double-speaking two-tongued black asshole who really gives decent blacks a bad name- just like their c-i-c (lower case deliberate) who can't tell the truth to save his soul. Every damn one of them is worthy of a noose.
There are a few callers who are the same ilk and I get so peed off when they call in. Just can't stand listening to their racist ghetto mentality b.s. so off goes the radio. It's about time Sean and other radio and tv hosts quit allowing them to speak- give them a taste of the silencing laws they want to pass. After all, if it's good enough for us, it should be good enough for their lazy welfare asses.

Keith said...

Why do progressive types think that 2 Wrongs = 1 right?