Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you're in/around the OKC area, I should note

that H&H is having their Dealer Days now through the 17th. One of the things they do is if there's something the dealers have out you'd like to shoot, you can buy a ticket for $3 and get to take the piece and five rounds on the range and test-fire it. I tried a Beretta PX4 Storm in .40S&W. They had two, one with single/double action and this model with DAO. I used the DAO because I flat hate slide-mounted safeties, they're hard for me to reach on most pistols.

Shot quite well, and the design changes the usually snappy recoil of that cartridge to something like a 9mm in most pistols. For CC I'd wish it were a bit thinner, but a nice pistol overall.


Jennifer said...

I shot the very same one last year and loved it. I want one in .45
We are going to be up there this afternoon. If you are around, come say hi!

Firehand said...

Doubt will make it; after getting the bulk of the outdoor stuff done, by the time I finish in the house it'll be late afternoon, I fear.