Thursday, July 15, 2010

From the look of this, the Toronto Police Department

makes Officer Fife look like a dedicated professional with much better ethics.
"As downtown Toronto witnessed burning police cars and a small group of thugs on a rampage, a police source tells me the only thing that stopped the officers (from moving in and arresting the vandals)... was an order telling them not to," Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington wrote June 30. "The officer said that eventually there was a clear order from the command centre saying 'Do not engage.' "
Continues Sa: "At the Eastern Avenue detention centre, Taylor describes a scene out of a horror film: 'Rows of cages with people bleeding, crying, slumped on the concrete floor. Huddled, asking to call family, asking for water, asking what the charge is, wanting to know their rights. All the officers were ignoring them -- or laughing.' As many as 40 men or women were crammed per cage in freezing, filthy conditions, without room to lie down on the concrete floor... Several officers laughed at one girl crying for her overdue medication. Taylor begged for water for nine hours and eventually passed out... When detained women begged for pads or tampons, male guards laughed and said: 'That explains your attitudes.' The next day, Taylor and most of the others were released without charge."
These bastards definitely belong in the "Should never be allowed to wear a badge" category.

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Keith said...

Semi OT:

Brit hemi-Prime minister, Cameron denouncing sympathy for Moat:

When the S#!t hits the fan, the cops have more more need for fellow citizens.

If the cops act like "only wuns", then that help won't be there when their only one arses depend on it.

A little hint to them,

If you want citizens to help you rather than walk the other way when they see you getting the crap kicked out of you - or worse -

then follow Sir Robert Peel's principles.

If your boss is more interested in meeting the latest key performance indicator target than he is in Peel's principals, tell him to go get a job as a parking warden, and look for a new job yourself - before his antagonism gets you hurt.

I wonder how many of those Canadian citizens used to be sympathetic to the cops, and would now be sympathetic to a Moat type character instead?

Keith said...

When the S#!t hits the fan, the cops have more more need for fellow citizens, than citizens have for cops.

Sorry, that bit got lost.