Friday, July 16, 2010

Having come in to try to dry off-

you could damn near poach in your own body fluids out there- I checked over at Uncles' and found this. Which kind of started the sweat flowing again.
Weinstein said he agreed to surrender his Colt semi-automatic .25-caliber pistol and his Wesson .357 revolver, along with ammunition and holsters, for safekeeping after authorities insisted on it.
Mila Schwartzreich, assistant legal counsel for the Sheriff's Office, said her agency has no choice but to keep Weinstein's weapons. She said the Sheriff's Office is not objecting to returning the guns, but needs a court order first.

"Legally, we're bound to hold them until then," she said. "It's not that Mr. Weinstein is a bad person or we feel people shouldn't possess firearms. For him, it was a distressing time."

Well, God-DAMN, Ms. Schwartzreich, you didn't need a court order to pressure him into surrendering his arms, but you have to have one to give him his property back?


Keith said...

ACLU working for second ammendment rights?

Watch out for the sound of a trumpet and four horsemen....

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Anonymous said...

When Mom passed away in '02, I walked into my Dad;s house after a long talk with my brothers and sister, and took all of his guns and ammo.

He got them back about two years later after my sister and I thought the scary part past.
And yeah, I know he could've stepped in front of a bus, but he didn't. We simply took the ease of the act away from him.

Hate to say it, but I see where these cops are coming from and I commend them for their actions.
They did it out of compassion.
Whole different thing and should not even be discussed by gun bloggers as it's too damn far different.

Okay, now you can torch me. :)


Keith said...


There are many, many ways for anyone who is that way inclined to do the deed.

Nationally within the US and internationally, there is no correlation between gun availability and suicide rate. Sure, if guns are available, some will use them, if not, then they use one of the other means. The effect on suicide rate is not altered by gun availability or lack of availability.

Prof Gary Mauser and Don Kates produced an excellent paper looking at the subject of gun availability and suicide and homicide rates. It's available as pdf on Gary Mauser's papers page.

There are several levels which suggest that this was not "Compassion".

If the therapist was so worried, then hospitalization would have been the appropriate route.

He's worried about the guns, why not arrange for a pawn broker or other dealer with safe storage facilities to look after the guns for a few months? Small charge, but cheaper and easier than a court order.

I'd be doubly pissed if I'd been berieved AND THEN had the cops arrive to steal my property!

Court order to return the guns. The man is 80, he's probably living from an annuity income. how compassionate is demanding him to go to the expense of a court order.

Why make him go to an expense that he likely won't be able to afford?

Have the guns already gone home with one of the cops?

Have the guns been sold out the back door of the station?

That happens too - see the post a few down here, titled Only ones the British way.

"I'm sorry sir, the owner has already been in and collected those guns..."

"No Sir, we have no record of that. Do you have any proof of ownership, a sales receipt for example?"

"I'm sorry sir, I can't help you"

BobG said...

I have to agree with Keith on this one.

dick said...


You're reaching a bit too far with the disapearing guns theory as that's not even approached in this article. I think you're just dreaming the worst possible scenario up and I didn't see it anywhere. The only reason (in my opinion) that the ACLU bothered to get involved was the press they'd recieve.

And like I said earlier, I was just telling ya my particular story and thoughts on the subject.

If and when you lose an elderly parent, you'll have a better understanding of my side of this argument.
We agree to disagree.

Keith said...

Let's just say with elderly parents that one of mine was pressured to "surrender" guns to the cop who featured in the only ones post from a few days ago.

That's the cop who received a suspended jail sentence last week for his activities in selling what was estimated at over 100 guns out of the back door of the station. No one is sure exactly how many whe sold, as the records have disappeared from the station.

The cop didn't get my parent's guns, other family members had suitable places available on their firearm certificates and parent was able to pass the guns on to them.

I'm not saying that there has been further theft in this post's case (beyond forcing an old man to part with his posessions), merely pointing out that it does happen, and with disgusting regularity.

Just as an intriguing side subject (the sarcastic tone is not aimed at you Dick);

How does a court make a medical opinion, or even several medical / psychiatric opinions any more true?

Me thinks it is equivalent of asking the old man for the ruby slippers and the wicked witch of the west's broom. Something so prohibitively expensive that he won't bother.

The cops may have caught the disease that the British home office has:

"The reduction of firearms in civillian ownership is a desirable end in itself"

Which is obviously un constitutional in a US setting,

Or the simpler explanation:

They like taking other people's property and putting unreasonable obstacles in the way of getting it back (effectively that is theiving).

Dick said...


I see your points, really I do, but I don't believe the intentions in this case by the police are anything other than honorable. Maybe in another case, but not this one.

Like I said before, wait until one of the folks goes, and then unfortunantely, you'll be able to see it from my angle. Until then, there's no possible way for you to do so.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go surf for some quailty Christian Midget porn.