Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have a corollary to Godwin's Law:

I recommend that this be called "Markley's Law."

That has to be some kind of variant of Godwin's Law: As an online discussion of gun owners' rights grows longer, the probability of an ad hominem attack involving penis size approaches 1.
If you're not familiar with Markley(I'd heard the name and forgotten it; just not really worth remembering), I'd suggest reading this.

Penis jokes and slurs, 'teabagger' slurs... These people just have some fascination with other people's genitals.


Joe Huffman said...

I changed the title of the post and that changed the URL. Please use this one now.

Firehand said...


Phelps said...

Well, Freudian psychology would suggest that a fixation on genitals would come from unresolved fears and anxieties about their own.

Anonymous said...

As someone said yesterday, I don't have a gun to compensate for the fact that I have a small penis. I have a gun to compensate for the fact that I can't throw a rock at 1200 feet per second.
I wish I could remember whom to credit.

Joe Huffman said...

Most recently it would be Say Uncle that gets the credit. But I'm pretty sure something similar was said by someone, who I can't remember at the moment, much earlier.