Monday, July 12, 2010

From Uncle we have two pieces on Chicago and Shortshanks Daley

having fits. First,
Hard on the heels of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. Chicago that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects an individual right to bear arms for self-defense and that the right thus protected is incorporated against state and local governments, Chicago Mayor Daley expressed his contempt for both the Court and the citizens whose rights he has trampled.

In an afternoon press conference, Daley announced that the city would enact new ordinances making it as difficult as possible to purchase and own a gun in Chicago. During his rant, he promised to seek ways to attack the right to bear arms from the supply side, vowing to go after manufacturers and crack down on gun shops and gun shop owners. He also noted that only “responsible adults” would be allowed to purchase or possess guns and left open the extremely disturbing question of who gets to determine which citizens are responsible and therefore 'worthy' of civil rights.
But as I listened to Mayor Daley equate gun owners with “drug thugs” and chastise the federal government for not doing more to make legal gun ownership more difficult, I found it incredibly ironic. This is the mayor of a city whose 28 year absolute ban on handgun ownership has completely disarmed law-abiding citizens and yet, on a recent weekend in Chicago, with the ban in full effect, there were 54 shootings which resulted in 10 deaths, including a baby girl.
Yeah, but he has the good of the city in mind! All those wounded and dead just prove he only needs to do it again, and harder!his point! Etc.

And on the other, two more lawsuits against Daley & Co.:
On the heels of Benson et al v. Chicago - the lawsuit the NRA and the Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers is bringing - comes another case, Second Amendment Arms et al v. Chicago.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times and court filings, Joseph Franzese, owner of Second Amendment Arms, and Robert Zieman have filed suit in the US District Court against the City of Chicago, Mayor Daley, and other Chicago officials. Second Amendment Arms is seeking to open guns stores in Lincoln Park and on Michigan Avenue while Mr. Zieman is seeking restitution for handguns confiscated under the 1982 handgun ban ordinance. Second Amendment Arms has filed applications for both of these stores with the City Clerk's Office
Y'know, Daley must have a full-time flunky just to try to keep the wrinkles ironed out of his undies lately.


Keith said...

The Bouncer.

Spoke to some more pals from the area.

"It was a Boss Hogg Job from start to finish!"

When he was caught, the Journalists were all sheltering in pubs and a hotel, they knew something was happening outside from the loud bang as two cop cars crashed into each other on the main street.

One pal was through the town on business on Thursday and knows the area pretty well. She said if he was by the river, then he wanted to get caught. there is no concealment there. it is all open ground.

Former soccer player and now sad alcoholic Paul Gascoigne is getting media grief for what is to my mind a really good idea; taking beer and food and a radio reporter to see if he could talk the guy into surrendering peacefully.

Apparrently Gascoigne knew him to speak to

Moat was not Randy Weaver though, and somehow I don't think he intended to survive.

There was a program on BBC1 at 7:30 pm about Durham cops recycling confiscated guns out of the back door of the station. I'll have to see if it comes up on the net.

Firehand said...

That sounds like this was a prime example of Grade-A Clusterfuck.

And if you find something on that other, I'll like to see it