Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, Tony Blair?

Screw you, you backstabbing little socialist bastard.

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Keith said...

Two letters that say so much about state corporatism.

Former nationalized oil company, still with its close contacts in government and government still with close contacts in the company.

A source of lucrative consultancy work, over paid and underworked jobs for the boys.

Jobs that involve cutting deals with some pretty nasty Mulllahs, sheiks, Colonels and Generals.

It's a shady area. and one which does not benefit democracy or accountability.

like a fool, I have not yet joined the dependent class. I know life would be easier if I just claimed welfare, and went drinking in the clubs with bouncers like Roull Moat on their doors, and let the patrician class cut their shady deals. instead, I type stuff like this which i know will eventually catch up with me and cause me shit...

Those two letters also say all too much about the lunacy of contracting out all of the dirty and dangerous parts of the business - all the parts which need hard technical skill and long experience of managing and making decisions on site.

British politicians do not get my sympathy by whinging about the hit British pension funds will take if BP has to pay for the damage to liveliehoods in the gulf area.

People invested in those pension funds in the mistaken belief that the funds would invest wisely.

That means having people employed by the funds who can assess whether the companies they are looking to invest in have the people in place with the skills necessary to run the business on bad days as well as the good ones.

Seems BP did not have the necessary people to safely carry out the business it is in.

I gather that the mud loggers got their company to fly them off the rig before things went wrong, because they didn't want to die working for fools.

whether that's true or not, the fact that it's being said shows how bad things are with BP.

The investment companies are employed to spot these things. they didn't. They and the pensioners who invested in them both deserve whatever hit is coming.

In an ideal world, BP would never have been nationalised and state interference would not have favoured the large financial companies who's only virtue appears to be to cosey up to Govt. Their smarts in the investment department seems to consist of investing in FTSE 100 companies.

In an ideal world, folks would spread their pension savings over a whole number of private stocks and other investments. I can't see many individuals managing to do as badly as the big investment companies have - even if they tried to do that badly.

In short, BP deserves to Fail.

Tony Blair has always given me the impression of being a slimy and devious character. I cannot help wondering what other nasty little surprises will show up in the future about him.