Friday, May 28, 2010

Hit the range for a while today Pics added

Let's see, hot, humid, very little wind... but surprisingly nice since the firing line is covered; being away from all the pavement and concrete makes a difference.

Zeroed the 15-22 at 50 yards, which only required adjusting elevation, and then did some comparison groups; saved the targets, I'll post pics later.

Ok, it's later. The inside dotted ring on these targets is 1". Here's the Aguila:
I tried this stuff in one rifle that shot it wonderfully at 25 yards, but at 50 the bullets were tumbling. No sign of that here; a couple of the holes look suspicious, just not quite right, but I'll have to try it at longer range to be sure. Out to 50 would definitely be a critter whacker. Low noise, but noticeably more recoil than the 40-grain stuff.

Fed Auto Match:
Like I said earlier, found a baggie with about fifteen rounds of this in Stanley so gave it a try; I'm pretty sure a couple of the high-left ones are my fault, I was getting tired by that time. I lost track of the target fired with this stuff from the Martini, I'll just say it was impressive to me; more testing definitely on the schedule.

Fed Champion:
I know the high-right was my fault, the two low-left might be. This is their bulk-pack inexpensive stuff, so the consistency isn't what it could be(I've noticed the recently-bought stuff is a bit less so than older stuff), but overall this stuff shoots pretty well.

Remington subsonic HP:
I'm not taking responsibility for the flyers here; not having fired it before I was being very careful on sight and breathing, and considering the number of FTF(two out of twenty fired) I'm not real happy with the stuff.

All these were fired with that 2x LER scope I pictured before. Having the very high rings made a world of difference in comfort and accuracy(easier to shoot well when you're not grinding your cheekbone into the stock). Something I do need to check on, there may be some parallax error in this scope. Thinking about it on the way home, I think some of the shots to the side may have been when my eye was a bit to the left of center. Next time I take this out I'll experiment and see if that's so. What I really need to do is get a 4x or higher scope for ammo testing.

Original post:
Short version: the Aguila SSS shot fine, gave groups better than some other ammo but not match-level; the Federal Champion cheap stuff gives accuracy as good as almost anything else; the Federal Auto Match looks very promising, wish I'd had more along(tried it after found a bag with about fifteen rounds in Stanley); Remington Subsonic hollowpoints gave 'eh' accuracy, and out of twenty rounds fired had two misfires(apparently Remington needs to work on their priming shop, both fired after rechambered). This 15-22 has proven pretty impressive; so far I cleaned & lubed it right after it came in and haven't done so since, and out of hundreds of rounds fired- high-velocity, standard and subsonic- it's fed and fired them all. I discount the misfires as ammo problem, and there's been twice a round- always the first- popped vertically out of the magazine, both times Federals and I think magazine, not rifle problem.

I'm not trying to be easy on this one, it's simply performing like the first one should have. Now if S&W would bother answering their damned mail, snail or e- variety...

Fired a couple of other .22 rifles, including the Martini, which I tried with the last few Auto Match rounds; very interesting- good- results, I need to take more of those next time.

On the handgun side fired the TT33 and had the only problem I've every had with it; twice the slide hung in the rear position and didn't chamber the next round. Once banged the butt and it closed, other time had to slingshot the slide. You know, if there were a simple way to change the grip angle to more like JMB intended(Tokarev, you bastard, why did you change it?) this would be a really good shooter. As is, in draw & shoot or point-shoot work I have to make myself tilt it up to line the sights properly.

That's it for now, pics to be added later.

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