Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And now back to corrupt politicians, racists and union thugs

With some overlap in the groups
Corrupt politicians and racists, Holder's DOJ and the Black Panthers:
It’s about time the courts rule on the panoply of made-up defenses and fake privileges that Holder has cooked up to avoid turning over these documents. Let the courts decide if the Obama administration can have it both ways — declining to invoke executive privilege but relying on the privilege under other names (”deliberative privilege”).

A knowledgeable lawyer e-mails me: “Notice DOJ revealed nothing about the number of panther documents in the AG and deputy AG office. Even for the associate attorney general they revealed there were 135 but they weren’t going to turn them over. Failing to even name a number is extremely suspicious because those units can be searched quicker and easier for compliant documents. It leads one to conclude any number would be an embarrassment, and a high number would be a catastrophe. So, don’t reveal a number. Typical of this non-transparent operation.”

And now we’re going to see the administration’s true colors played out in open court. As a Judicial Watch spokesman said: “If there is nothing to hide, then Eric Holder should release this information as the law requires. And this is just one more example of how Obama’s promises of transparency are a big lie.”

Union thugs, and lawmen who don't do their jobs:
Presumably it was the assumption that Easton had a dog in the fight–not just the fact that protesters woke up her 2-year-old and terrified Baer’s son, who was home alone–that led Vandeventer to write, “a woman came storming across her lawn, screaming at us to shut up and go away – telling us we had no business being there”; and, “The really interesting question here is: why is Ms. Easton so angry? And why has she decided to use her position as a member of the media to air her own personal rant at the people who showed up to share their foreclosure stories?”
I have to note two comments on this story from the second link:
SEIU, try that crap on my front lawn. I live in Texas. You’ll meet my friend Mossberg. Threaten my child and Mossberg will say hello.
Exactly…I live near Fort Bragg, I’ll provide an H&K greeting. NC law actually allows you to shoot through your front door. Crazy, but awesome.

And yet more corrupt politicians:
There was a time when the White House and Rep. Joe Sestak were enemies. Now they're in the bunker together: Neither wants to talk about whether a White House official tried to get Sestak to drop his campaign for senator by offering him a job. With its reticence, the Obama White House raises some eerie (and, from its perspective, unwelcome) parallels with the Bush White House.
You have to work through the "Just like BUSH!" crap in this story, but at least they are noting the quite-possible illegalities involved in this mess.

And finally, more corrupt union bullcrap AND more corrupt politicians:
Gerald McEntee, AFSCME's president, candidly told The Hill that his union's big spending campaign will go to "protect incumbency in the House. We've got to protect the incumbency in the Senate." He admitted that "it's going to be hard, those tea-baggers are out there. There is an anti-incumbency mood out there." McEntee is just doing what Big Labor bosses have been doing for decades — spending their members' dues to elect and re-elect Democrats. Campaign finance data going back to 1989 reveal that six of the top 10 groups designated as "heavy hitters" by the Center for Responsive Politics are labor unions. AFSCME ranks second on the list, with SEIU 10th. More than 90 percent of their contributions went to Democrats.
And just what are these bastards spending union money to help push? Besides keeping a bunch of corrupt and arrogant National Socialist Democrats in power?
Schumer and Van Hollen's bill — the DISCLOSE Act of 2010 — would reverse the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United decision upholding the right of individual citizens, acting in concert with each other in corporations, labor unions, trade associations and independent citizens groups, to pay for TV ads critical of incumbent congressmen during the often-decisive final months of a campaign. As U.S. Chamber of Commerce head Thomas J. Donohue said, the bill "is an unconstitutional attempt to silence free speech. ... It's un-American and it must be stopped."
Generally speaking, if Schumer is involved, it needs to be stopped. Hard. And I've come to the conclusion that if most unions are involved, the same holds true.

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If I get windows broken by demonstrators who should be demonstrating outside my work instead of my home, the people breaking my windows are going to meet the Garand's baby brother.