Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have to say, Texas DOES do some things right

In an unusual display of common sense, the Texas State Capitol building security has put in an express lane for those Texas citizens with Concealed Handgun Licenses.

Yes, Gentle Readers, if you go through the training, and the background check, and the fingerprinting -- as well as coughing up the dosh -- and you decide to visit your Capitol building in Austin (with your handgun and license in paw) you have an express lane through Security.

If that doesn't warm the fuzzy little cockroaches of your heart, I don't know what will.


martywd said...

Lot's knicker-bunching going on at the end of that Chron piece.   More times than not I fear for my adopted State of Texas, even with good news like this.

Anonymous said...

I did that recently in Virginia. A few of us were early for the 2nd Amendment rally and decided to go have lunch in the cafeteria of the GA building. While allowing us to bypass the magnetometer, we were still required to empty our pockets so that the contents could be x-rayed.

I dutifully emptied my pockets and placed the contents into a tray to be processed. The technician spied my pocketknife (about a 3" blade), and solemnly informed me that I would have to keep it in my pocket at all times. Despite the fact that I had a fully-loaded Glock 22 on one hip, and a mag pouch with two fully-loaded spare mags on the left hip.

I suppose that I could have cornered someone and forcefully cleaned their fingernails, but that seemed to be a little far-fetched...

martywd said...

Here's an example of the Coastal mentality and wrongheaded thinking here in Texas that has be very worried for Texas' future.

Phelps said...

Last time they did something like that here in Dallas, they had people waiting in the parking lot with $100 bills to buy them off people before they turned them in.

They actually didn't get many, because virtually all were broken, cheap guns that weren't worth the $100.