Friday, May 14, 2010

Another view on some of the idiocy being taught in schools

Viruses of the human mind: More dangerous than all pathogens combined.
I began with a rather trivial truth or so I thought. I asked her whether it was a universal truth that within the human species it is only women who bear children. Surely this is an absolute fact no? After rolling her eyes in utter disgust and taking a few huffs and puffs, she replied that she was amazed at how sexist my example had been. At this point, my doctoral student, my wife, and I were truly baffled. The feminist explained that in the spiritual narrative of a particular group of Japanese people, it is the men who bear the children! Hence, by purposely restricting childbearing to the physical/biological realm, I was being sexist. Sure, in the biological realm, it is the women who give birth but in the spiritual arena, it is wholly conceivable for men to be the child bearers. Whereas I was well aware of the nonsensical babble of postmodernists, I must admit that this was a new height of delusional thinking. I composed myself and decided to provide one additional and final example


Windy Wilson said...

I guess it would also be sexist to point out that since the beginning of time only men are susceptible to being called forth to risk getting dead in order to prevent women from becoming slaves of other cultures. And the fact that some women dressed as soldiers, or that Israel drafts women too, does not change this, just as the feminists consider that a single female CEO does not prove the patriarchy has fallen.

Keith said...

Found this via the link in the article to Poe's Law:

Poe's Law is pretty good too. Next rainy afternoon, I'm off trolling for progressives...

Cameron (UK Tory leader) describes his new coalition as "Progressive". They're screwed.