Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The enemy we're dealing with

Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist, sketched some caricatures of Mohammed as a dog back in 2007, and for his efforts earned himself a fatwa — a death sentence issued by the good clerics of Al Qaeda in Iraq for the capital crime of depicting Islam’s prophet. Today that death sentence was nearly carried out as Vilks was assaulted (by a Muslim screaming “Allahu Ackbar!”) while giving a lecture in Uppsala, Sweden about his experiences with censorship. Luckily, Vilks survived; unluckily, he was headbutted directly in his face by the attacker; Vilks’ glasses were smashed, but police were on hand to prevent the follow-up beheading which the
But the video is remarkable in a different way: It shows dozens of Muslims repeatedly screaming “Allahu Ackbar” in what looks like religious ecstasy over violence committed in their name, and joy over witnessing an attempted murder as punishment for blasphemy.

This happened today in
Sweden, mind you, not during the Middle Ages nor even in 2001 in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Right now, in what is supposed to be the most liberal and progressive nation in the world.


Anonymous said...

Allahu Marsbar

Anonymous said...

And this is why people like TexasFred and AngryWhiteDude say that we should not be nice to ANY Muslim, even the "moderate" Muslims, because there is no such as a "moderate" Muslim. Lightly, even barely, scratch the surface of even the nicest moderate Muzzy, and you'll find a fanatic.

B Woodman

Windy Wilson said...

And this is the difference between a sane society and an insane one. In 1876 people living in New York or London could read of massacres and deaths caused by primitives in, say, Montana or the Cape Province, and know that force was necessary to preserve the culture of the West.

If women in Europe and America knew what was at stake, no young man could avoid enlisting.