Monday, May 10, 2010

Proving that even in the middle of severe storms

people can still sit at a keyboard going "Wow!"

Various tornados reported west, south and north of here. Right now the line is moving through this area; if you went to the Nat. Weather Service site and click on central OK, you'd get a graphic showing a string of severe storms and tornado warnings running slightly west of south from the northern border to the southern. Few minutes back they reported baseball-size hail southwest of the metro area, lots of other reports of smaller stuff, golf-ball size, in areas surrounding the big stuff and south toward Moore and Norman.

If you'll remember, it was May 3, 1999, that Moore got the attention of that F5; just heard a report of a BIG hook moving into Moore, dammit.

Added 1720: they just added a tornado warning for northern Lincoln county, that'd be the big storm that moved just north of me.

Added 1730: earlier they had a report of a burst of 100mph straight-line wind a ways south of Mustang, which is west of OKC.
And I think the rain has eased off considerably outside. This area of the city only got some small- nickel or so- hail, the worst of that passed through southern areas of the Metro. Yep, it's just a few sprinkles right now. There's currently 11 counties with tornado warnings. And I just heard the southern tornado sirens start up. KTOK radio is on the north side, but they dropped off a few minutes ago.

Added 1734: looks like Moore got through without a twister; if it formed it stayed up in the cloud. They did get some big hail.
1736: KTOK came back on.
They just reported a possible funnel about I40 & I240 on the east side.
1739: I was wrong about Moore, they're reporting tornado damage there.
1743: the sun just came out here as the clouds move east. AND they just reported a tornado on the ground by one of the casinos near Norman. Just looked at the tv, WOW: BIG hook over the Lake Thunderbird/Little Axe area just east of Norman, and they have damage east of OKC in the Newalla area heading northeast toward McCloud; they chaser on this one says I40 is closed right there, lots of overturned vehicles and downed trees and power lines on the road and in the area.

Right now it's 1747 and getting too busy to try and keep track of here. If you're in eastern OK, keep an eye on this stuff; the storms are fast-moving, lots of instability and lots of tornado reports. Everything seems to be mostly east of I35 at this point- correction, one reported west of Davis/Ardmore area down south.

Channel 4 just had video of a funnel moving across Lake Thunderbird. Small one, only thing visible was the effect on the surface of the water. Small one, problem is in conditions like this a small one can turn big really damned fast.

Just saw some video from I40 in the Choctaw area, eastern OKC: lots of overturned vehicles, lines down.

Just checked the NWS map,

the dryline is still west of here, with some development occurring along it in the southwest. So it could still cause some nasty stuff over the next couple of hours through central OK.

Dogs to feed and such, more later.

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