Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And yet more idiocy out of Canada, both from the attackers

and from one of the people upset by it.

The attackers specifically target and go after two guys because they're 'zionists and Jews'. Various illegalities without getting into thought-crime bullshit. But then we get this idiocy:
Len Rudner, director of the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said being a Jew or Zionist in Canada should not prompt such an attack.

“Maybe we should consider the impact that words can have in accelerating the argument to the point where people feel that this kind of behaviour is acceptable,” Rudner said.

“If you permit a constant invective and demonization of the Jewish state and people who support the Jewish state, some people will feel that this gives them the permission or responsibility to carry out this kind of attack.”

The problem is not words and constant invective: it's that anti-Jewish actions have been either excused or tolerated for so long that these clowns figure they can get away with this kind of crap, whereas for a Jew- or anybody else- to say anything 'upsetting' to or about muslims gets the 'Human Rights Commission' on their ass threatening fines and jail.

And people being able to carry for self-defense wouldn't hurt matters, either.

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