Thursday, April 08, 2010

It should be noted that Canada has a bunch of professors

at LEAST as bad as a lot of the jerkwads we have here:
Fifteen professors from the University of Regina have signed a letter which opposes a scholarship program for the children of soldiers who died in war. The letter reads, in part;

This program, which waives tuition and course fees, and provides $1,000 per year to “dependents of Canadian Forces personnel deceased while serving with an active mission”, is a glorification of Canadian imperialism in Afghanistan and elsewhere. We do not want our university associated with the political impulse to unquestioning glorification of military action.

In our view, support for “Project Hero” represents a dangerous cultural turn. It associates “heroism” with the act of military intervention. It erases the space for critical discussion of military policy and practices. In signing on to “Project Hero”, the university is implicated in the disturbing construction of the war in Afghanistan by Western military- and state-elites as the “good war” of our epoch.

Dear professors:
When your dearest wish comes true and the barbarians are at the gates, don't whine for the people you've slandered and insulted to protect you. In a proper world, they'll throw your worthless, whining ass over the gates to distract the bastards while the troops and civilians who care about civilization prepare the counterattack.

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Anonymous said...

"Canadian imperialism?"


Oh, don't get me wrong; the lot of 'em deserve to be tarred and feathered. It's just that I'd be laughing while applying the tar and feathers to those idiots...

--Wes S.