Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Translation from IRS statement: "We don't have the authority

(or the balls) to actually come after you if you don't obey The Obama's orders, so we'll just steal your money."
IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman told reporters yesterday at the National Press Club that the government plans on punishing those who don’t purchase government health care by confiscating their tax refunds.


Anonymous said...

There's a real easy fix for that little bit of crap. Just adjust your withholding so that you owe a few dollars at the end of the year. And then request an extension to put off paying that sum until August or so. Of course you will have to pay a small penalty for being late, but 10% of two or three dollars won't even pay the cost of the paperwork that has to be filed to collect that money.

Anonymous said...

Time to return to a gold and silver based cash economy.

Inflation and taxation can no longer be used to rob you.

Deficits can no longer be run up.

Sure, there are metal detectors, but let's see them find a needle in a hay stack, or a plastic pipe full of kruger rands 20 feet down!