Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Chester Kulis seems to be a former Only One, a sockpuppet

and a liar.
He is also either ignorant or a liar. He makes the claim:
Under Chicago's gun ordinance, about 15,000 guns are seized and then melted down each year from individuals who were illegally carrying them in their cars or on the street.
Yet according to the IL UCR, less than 7,000 are traced each year, about 7,400 confiscated and about 6,000 collected in 'gun buy backs'.

Another fabrication:
"homicides -- are mostly committed by family members or friends in the course of an argument
Not according to the FBI. Most are committed by 'acquaintances' ie someone you happen to know. In the case of Chicago, 90% of the offenders have a criminal past and 70% of the victims do. 60% are directly affiliated w/ gangs or gang activity.

Never mind that he ignores the fact that, even according to him, the numbers of privately owned firearms has increased yet didn't equal an increase in crime w/ them.


Unknown said...
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Firehand said...

I've come to the conclusion that this has to be one of the biggest things about blogs and this here internet thing: all the information that very few people used to hear, we can pass around to damn near everyone who goes online.

K said...

Time to cache the USDOJ web pages on homicide before they get a fatal infection of politically correct.

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