Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is anybody surprised at all by this revelation?

The extraordinary correspondence began on March 12 with a routine question from Mr Stroilov to Mr Stevenson about his personal website, which gives a history of the Communist Party in this country.

Mr Stroilov asked: 'How is the class struggle going? Observing it from some distance, it looks like the spectre of Communism is rising again in the British Labour Movement, isn't it?'

This unleashed a flurry of emails from the Unite official, who wrote: 'Yes, things are very busy - the struggle goes on! And yes, the [ Communist] Party is very much in the thick of a great deal.'

I repeat, anybody surprised?

I want, no, I demand that my readers understand the significance of this activity. I will not call it a revelation for it is anything but; what was at one time a pair of conjoined twins, Marxists and the Labour Party, are now one and the same. There has never been a shred of doubt that these activities have long been in the making; the 1960s simply solidified and strengthened what was once an obscure political ideology in western Europe.

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