Tuesday, April 06, 2010

So the Norks are eating their own officials now

NORTH KOREA executed two senior finance officials last month after the impoverished communist country redenominated its won currency, a move that wiped out millions of residents’ savings and caused social unrest.
In other words, SOMEBODY'S head had to roll; you can't expect the Dear Leader to take responsibility for the mess.

Notice something missing in this paragraph?
North Korea’s economy has been suffering from sanctions imposed by the UN over its nuclear weapons programme and inflation has become a problem. The redenomination also wiped out much of the value of the money used in the country’s growing market economy, which the government disapproves of but which is thriving nonetheless.
No mention of the fact that it's a communist tyranny, no personal freedoms, etc., just 'suffering from sanctions'. From which stems the redenomination, etc.

Pointed to by K in comments; thanks

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