Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rep. Phil Hare(Socialist Democrat Oathbreaker-IL) is even more

of a dirtbag than previously thought. Which is really something.
... Same here with Phil Hare: As predicted, his spin is that he said he doesn’t worry about the Constitution on this, i.e. ObamaCare — not that he doesn’t worry about the Constitution generally. Basically, he wants you to believe that he looked into the constitutional issues surrounding the mandate, etc., and is satisfied that O-Care passes legal muster. The only problem? It’s a transparent lie. Follow the last link and watch the original video again. He flatly says (with clear irritation) that he doesn’t know which parts of the Constitution empowered Congress to pass this thing, and the whole thrust of his shpiel during the clip is that he doesn’t care. People need coverage and that’s enough of a moral imperative to him to trump any constitutional concern. Nor is there anything “out of context” about the clip. It picks up with the cameraman injecting a question about the Constitution and rolls until Hare leaves. QED.

Further commentary on his dirtbagginess from Moe Lane.

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