Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Hey, there were other traitors, why do I get all the attention?"

Because you're a dirtbag traitor who spent years screwing over our troops, that's why.

And let's not forget the dirtbag John Effing Kerry:
June, 1970 – John Kerry joins Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), a national veterans group that is part of the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice. The PCPJ is a broad coalition of local and national organizations, including the Communist Party, USA, “committed to conducting demonstrations aimed at ending the war in Indochina, and poverty, racism and injustice at home.” The VVAW, CCI and PCPJ all have headquarters at 156 Fifth Avenue in New York City. VVAW Executive Secretary Al Hubbard, a former Black Panther, is also on the coordinating committee of the PCPJ. Hubbard soon appoints Kerry to the VVAW’s Executive Committee, bypassing the normal election process. (Winter Soldier- Free Republic)

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Anonymous said...

RE: "Professor" Liu;
Sooooo. . . . When are we going to see the money that the "good professor" has paid out of his own pocket to these "reparees"?
Or is this another Leftard Liberal elitist case of "I want it done, but I want YOU to do it."
That's the problem with these authoritarian types - their heart bleeds for the little guy, but they want to help them out of someone else's pockets, never their own. They're too S-P-E-C-I-A-L.

B Woodman