Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm going to start with that possible poisoning case

at Fort Jackson: this just incites all kinds of confidence, doesn't it?

Oh, crap, that last one... and I just ate!

Well, on this I have to wonder: will the Labour Party hacks who swooned over Obama be even more shocked at him crapping on Britain? Or will this fit into their 'Britain must become no more than an EU cog' plans?
What, they expected better out of him?

The Brits have had a bunch of troops injured and killed because of equipment problems(not enough, issued crap); to me one of the key parts of this story isn't the vehicle, it's this:
SAS soldiers were given no instruction on using metal detectors during pre-deployment training and went without them for four months in Helmand because of an equipment shortage, the inquest in Trowbridge, Wilts was told.

Asked what they used instead Soldier O replied: “We visually scanned the ground.” He also added that they picked up training “on the job”
That is just friggin' disgusting.

I have to add my applause for Major Morley; I fully understand the reluctance of a good officer to resign, but if you can't do anything else to get attention to the problem, it's an option.

The Southern Poverty BullshitLaw Center keeps it up; and Mr. Vanderboegh tells Mother Jones they're full of crap. Or deluded. Maybe both.

"Get accused, be stuck on the list forever 'cause we're too effing stupid to figure out how to take you off. Even after the court orders us to." The people in Californicated really are- well, fornicated.

Ok, that's enough for one morning. Got a project to work on.


Keith said...

Nice one Hitllary, just a timely reminder of Britain being shat on by US administrations over:

the TSR series planes,
attempts to stop Concorde,
having British intelligence handed to the IRA out the back door of the US embassy in Dublin.

Just to list a few.

Now how about getting the fuck out of Mennwith Hill and permission for tapping British telephones? or does the light bringer think that such shit come without a price?

or should Britain offer to mediate between Mexico and the US over California, Texas etc?

GuardDuck said...

The first two comments of that CA abuser list story are spot on:

A registry of accused people should not exist at all

Let's all go accuse our assemblymen, see if that fixes the problem.