Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two things about what's going on in Iran, the second being a real

"Oh BLEEP!" moment.

On the idiot-level things the mullah's government keeps doing,
A case in point: the political center of the city is Azadi Square, and workers have been stringing loudspeakers (and probably cameras) all over the square and the approach routes, in order to drown out the chants of the demonstrators. So today they tested the system by broadcasting the national anthem. Except it was the shah’s anthem, not the Islamic Republic’s.

And the second,
I believe that Khamenei fears the public disclosure and documentation of his many criminal acts, ranging from ordering the terrorist attacks in Lebanon against French and American soldiers and marines, to authorizing the killing of Iranian dissidents. There are many other cases, and, in a country like Iran, proof of Khamenei’s central role is undoubtedly in many hands, as is the proof of the falsification of the June 12th election results, which was just delivered to the Canadians by a certain Saeed, an employee of the Guardian Council who has been granted asylum by Ottawa.
Er, yeah, that could be downright embarrassing. In a really REALLY bad way.

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