Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hard as hell on the honest working people who live in the area,

but if it'd keep Congress shut down a few more days, some more snow would be a wonderful thing.

So the same media clowns who couldn't be bothered to investigate and actually report on Obama during the elections, or on his minions after, are still having fits because Palin had a note on her hand. Mitchell, the fact that you keep harping on this tells us everything we need to know about your brand of journalism.

Jim Treacher seems to be healing up, no thanks to the State Department and the moron who ran him down. And caused him to get a jaywalking ticket. Miserable bastards.

Murtha died the other day. You know what I think about him, 'nuff said. And, just like with Swimmer Kennedy, the Evil Party immediately started using his body to push for their socialized medicine plan. Screw you, Dems, and the progressive camel you rode in on.

So part of the problem is Just take a gander at Jacob Weisberg’s latest lament: ”what may be the biggest culprit in our current predicament: the childishness, ignorance, and growing incoherence of the public at large.“
Well, Weisberg, who's had control of the schools for quite a few years now? People like you, as I recall; which means of people are dumber it is, at least in part, your damned fault.

Bill Whittle has some thoughts on the tea party movement. Including:
"The people I have met at these events were generally the happy, decent, hard-working people that make up the vast middle of Silent America. They are not bitter, and they are not “consumed with rage.”

But they — I mean, weare angry. We have a right to be angry. As a matter of fact, we not only have a right but in fact have an obligation to be angry. The spending orgy in Washington brought on by the Democratic control of both houses of Congress and the election of the most liberal member of the Senate to the office of the Presidency is taking the country off the edge of a cliff and everybody knows it.
Now, was Scott Brown the perfect conservative candidate? To many – even many who supported him – he was not. That’s not the question we should be asking. The question we should be asking – and did ask, it seems – is not whether Scott Brown is more conservative than Ronald Reagan. The question is whether or not Scott Brown is more conservative than Ted Kennedy or Martha Coakley.

He is, and by a very wide margin. That’s a win!"

Chavez said the program would always be preceded by the sound of a harp playing local folk-music. "When you hear the pluck of a harp on the radio, maybe Chavez is coming. It's suddenly, at any time, maybe midnight, maybe early morning."
Well, isn't he the little il Duce-ette? 'maybe Chavez is coming', ok. And he's taking the country down the toilet "But it's a socialist toilet, so it's a wonderful thing!"

Ah, the wonders of one-sided 'tolerance'. Please note this bit:
He said: 'The head's response was hostile and offensive again. The very first thing she said to me was: “Oh you again! You're the only teacher that reports these things! Nobody else does!”.
Makes you wonder what all else is happening that others have given up on reporting.

Hehehe, here's how that Hopey!Changey!! is actually working out

Thank you, Theo

American and British forces poised to assault the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, have begun targeting insurgent leaders for assassination, The Sunday Times reported.

Special forces have been infiltrating the town on "kinetic" missions — jargon for armed attacks
Well, I should damned well hope so.

Looks like the mullahs and Ahmadogcrap are getting ready for Thursday; likely to get really nasty.

And the story behind another "Come and take it" moment: the Gonzales flag


Mattexian said...

Could you redo whatever link you had for the Gonzales flag story? It currently goes to the same link as the Hopey/Changey graph.

Anonymous said...

Firehand, I'm going to make a pilgrimage to piss on Murtha's grave, and I'll deicate a few spritzes in your name -- sput

Firehand said...

It's fixed.

Hate it when that happens

Windy Wilson said...

Hell, the next thing she should show up with written on her hand is, "Buy Teleprompter".
That ought to be as funny as "buy milk and eggs" as that nameless dem wonk joked about.