Monday, February 08, 2010

It's snowing. Again.

And they've upgraded from watch back to winter storm warning. So we'll see.

Let's see, Palin writes a note on her hand and a bunch of the tolerant, woman-friendly left(I guess for them I should've spelled it 'womyn') makes sexual remarks about it; Palin's answer.
I'll say it again: I just cannot understand the level of hate these clowns have for her. It's not enough to disagree, they want to ruin, preferably destroy her; if someone labeled 'conservative' said such things about a liberal/progressive female these same people would have bloody screaming fits.

Seems some people just aren't really happy with the bigoted Shea-Porter.

Our media and enlightened liberals display their racism; but people from other countries see the tea party movement for what it is. Kind of like our media mostly ignores it while British media actually covers the Climaquiddick stuff.

Well, isn't this encouraging.
The Europeans with deep-pockets are doing nothing – except insist that all countries under pressure cut their budgets quickly and in ways that are probably politically infeasible. This kind of precipitate fiscal austerity contributed directly to the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s.

I wonder if a lot of the people out there making excuses for these bastards will understand, before it's too late, that they really do mean annihilate.

What this boils down to is Sen. Schumer(Camera-Chasing Hypocrite-NY) has gotten enough heat to know people are pissed, and Obama basically cannot see how any such idea he likes and pushes could possible be a bad idea("The people will come around and see what a brilliant gem has fallen from my fertile mind", etc.), or seen as one.

Oh, that is a nice touch!

Stuff to do before the roads get bad, but there's lots more out there. And I'll get to some of it.

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