Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speaking of progressive dirtbags,

we have AG Eric Holder stonewalling on the Black Panther voter intimidation case, and the Evil Party in Congress voted on Jan. 13 to roll over like whipped puppies when presented with a resolution demanding answers from the Justice Department. On a 15-14 party-line vote, committee Democrats voted to look the other way rather than hold the department accountable to Congress. Seven other committee Democrats did not even have the courage to vote on the resolution.
Can you say 'chickenshit politicians'? I knew you could.

Especially with Conyers own words from a couple of years back:
"The Committee clearly has authority under the Constitution to investigate and expose possible violations of law and abuses of executive power," Mr. Conyers wrote in a 22-page memorandum less than two years ago. "The Committee also needs more complete information on the issue of the politicization of the Department of Justice." Even more to the point, the Detroit congressman wrote: "The proper course is to recognize claims of privilege only when properly asserted in response to specific questions during a particular hearing. The courts have stated that a personal assertion of Executive Privilege by the President is legally required for the privilege claim to be valid."

In the case of the Black Panther investigation, the Justice Department is claiming privileges that are legally far weaker (if existent at all) than executive privilege, without any personal assertion by the president and on behalf of people who are technically career employees without any presidential access. Mr. Conyers' own past reasoning eviscerates these claims of privilege
Of course, back then he was whacking at a Stupid Party President; now he's kissing the ass of an Evil Party President. Which brings us back to 'chickenshit politician' and my label of 'miserable two-faced politicians'.

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