Friday, February 12, 2010

In my post on the crap-brain Gibbs and the lies he spreads with a straight face,

I upset someone. They wrote this in comments:
Calling people names is just so vile. Is that what we have come to? It shows a true lack of vocabulary. You are only losing people's respect. Maybe you figure you are not worthy of respect in the first place. To show this kind of disrespect to our nation's leaders does not bode well for our future. You are only adding noise.

I responded, but decided to make a post of this also:
Let's see, Howard Dean says if I don't believe in AGW I 'don't believe in science', he's also called Republicans 'evil', Obama has been dismissive and insulting, same for Pelosi and Reid. Take a look at the crap thrown by the left at Bush for years and at anyone who dares to say they're conservative or libertarian; have you taken them to task for this? If not, why the hell not? Or is calling names only a sin when someone of conservative bent does it?

I've said before, this is my electronic soapbox to bitch and yell from; and when some slimy, honorless little bugger like Gibbs says crap like this I AM going to take him to task for it. Same for that clown Biden lying about his past and Obama lying to try to take credit for the victory in Iraq. I don't plan to change; they act like vile, two-faced, disgusting bastards, I'm going to call them on it.

If my use of the language is not sufficiently nuanced for you, can I suggest you try Tam or Lawdog? They have a better talent for calling lying bastards what they were in much nicer ways.

Fact is, I very much think I'm worth of respect as a free citizen of the United States; being treated like a brainless cretin by lying politicians, being insulted by them, just kind of pisses me off. Deal with it.

By the way, I looked at one of your blogs and found, among other things, the following:
We are going to leave Afghanistan the same way we left Vietnam - in disgrace. Iraq will also be a stain on america. We prowl the world seeking revenge. Our whole identity revolves around being a bully. We've been on the wrong side of history since world war II. But we've stayed true to conservative principles. We're real good at putting ourselves first. Things are much more important to us than people. We've got ours . Let them get theirs.

"it is impossible for elected Republicans to work with Democrats to improve our country. Their base are conspiracy mongers who don't believe Obama was born in the United States, that he is the second coming of Lenin, and that he is racist against white people. They already want to impeach him despite the glaringly obvious lack of high crimes or misdemeanors. If any Republican strays and decides to do the right thing and try to work in a bipartisan fashion, they suffer primaries and attacks. Even the Maine twins have quit cooperating out of fear of their homegrown teabaggers."

Hmmm, 'teabaggers', 'conspiracy mongers', you quote this with approval; that's not name-calling?

Yeah, get your ya-ya's out, you freaking fascists. You won't be happy until the USA looks like Haiti or Somalia, no taxes, no government regulations and lots of guns. It's a teabagger's delight. The rich should be richer, and the poor should be poorer. Don't worry about yourself, though. The rich like you. They'll take care of you. Just make sure you kiss that butt real good. You're bringing this country down, but for the rest of the world that's probably a good thing.
Well, well, more name calling from the guy who whines that I'm 'just adding to the noise'.

Screw you, you miserable little boob. You want to whine at me about calling Gibbs and Biden and Obama on lies? You want to accuse me of 'just adding noise', well, clean up your own damned act first you hypocritical little lefty jackass.

Oh, and if you object to my calling Biden and Obama liars, tough:

At the briefing today, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Biden calling Iraq one of the great potential achievements of the Obama administration given that Biden had previously advocated that the country should be divided into thirds and split among Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis, and then-Sen. Obama opposing the surge of US troops that many experts argue helped bring stability that allowed the reconciliation process to continue.

In fact, in January 2007 then-Sen. Obama said that he was "not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence. In fact, I think it will do the reverse."

Gibbs said the achievement was "putting what was broken back together and getting our troops home, which we intend to do in August of this year."

A reporter pointed out that the Status of Forces Agreement to bring troops home was signed before the president took office.

Gibbs called that agreement "something I think that the political pressure that the president, as a then-candidate, helped to bring about."

Yeah - 7 years and 10 months into his term of office George Bush responded to Senate pressure.

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