Monday, February 08, 2010

Well, if this is what Audi does with their money,

it's a brand I won't be buying.


wolfwalker said...

Why not?

a) there are plenty of other reasons not to buy an Audi, chief among them being that they're overpriced rich man's toys.

b) the ad was largely a failure, the same way the "herding cats" ad in 2000 was a failure for its creator.

Keith said...

I saw the herding cats add on borepatch. Really cute, even if the place for cats is in a sack with the top tied and a couple of heavy stones for company...

I'll say it again, thanks for the wake-up call, Audi.

Oh, and your cars are over priced, and cost far to much to maintain. My next car is another "Fix If Again Tomorrow" or is that a "FIAT worse than death"?