Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bit of an update on the son

Currently somewhere in Kurdistan. He reports it as being cleaner than many other parts of Iraq, the people are friendly and the security status very stable: something along the lines of "The Peshmerga has control of the borders in the region, and they don't mess with the Peshmerga."

Also, the Kurds treat dogs somewhat better than most other people in the region.

Can't remember if mentioned this before, but he reported after his first tour that the dogs the troops in various FOBs adopted very quickly tended to note that people wearing ACUs "are part of my extended pack" and were treated as such; people not wearing ACUs... not so much.


martywd said...

Yon, when I used to read him, always had good things to say about the Kurds.   Glad to hear your son is doing OK!

BobG said...

Best wishes to your son for his continued health and safety.