Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just because I need to blow off steam

after browsing a few more comments from these morons,
Steel doesn't HAVE to melt to lose strength.
Massive beams expanding under high temperatures weaken and break joints.
Chimney effect.
You idiots are somehow reconciling the idea that
An entire unit of American special-ops people would carry out orders to bomb the building,
nobody would notice all the activity for weeks preceeding the attacks,
none of said people would ever leak info about it,
and that somehow ALL the media from the NYEffin'Times to Fox would take part in helping somehow fake the airplanes crashing,
etc., etc., etc.
You people are fucking stupid. Possibly insane to actually believe all this.
Oh, and all that oil the war is supposedly about? Where's it being sold, again? Or was the EEEVILLLEEEE Bushitler also working to make the Russians and Chinese rich out of it?

Absolute effing brain-dead fools.


dakotas5 said...

Must be 0bama voters

Sigivald said...

THey also forget that the beam to floor supports in the WTC were little metal clips.

Uneven heating of long steel beams on the floors causes warping.

Warping causes the connections to the clips to fail, even without the weakening from heat.

Unsupported floor, thus crashy.

(this remains an excellent examination of the collapse and why "melting the steel" was never necessary.)

BobG said...

I've never seen a Truther yet that knew what they were talking about.

Firehand said...

A good article, Sigi,thanks for the link

faitmaker said...

Just pisses you off at the stupidity. See what I mean?