Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I just watched the 'Green Police' commercial, and I'm with Kevin:

there'd be blood spilled.

And Audi? You can freeze in hell before you'll see a dollar of my money.


Windy Wilson said...

I had been considering an A3 but not any more.

Keith said...

I'd actually like to thank Audi for that add, it seems to have been a useful wake-up call, and hopefully an early enough "Dire warning" to stop this happening.

My brother had an Audi a6

Hideous maintenance costs to keep the thing road worthy.

He drives a little Honda now

Timmeehh said...


I'd bet a million dollars that you would never buy an Audi even if this ad didn't exist.

Guess what, Audi knows it too!

Firehand said...

well, timmy, I've previously been willing to look at a lot of brands next time I need a vehicle. This just adds Audi to the list of 'No damned way' next to Government Motors.