Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two occasions to note

One: On October 9, 1967, vile murdering piece of communist garbage Che bit the big one in Bolivia. Thus ridding the world of this disgusting excuse for a man, and giving lots of idiots a 'hero' to plaster on their shirts and masturbate over.

Two: The President of the Czech Republic is causing the EUnuchs to crap their pants. And scream and piss and moan that he won't turn his country over to them.
In faraway Brussels furious diplomats were calling for his impeachment and even his country’s expulsion from the European Union because of his obstinate refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty. Klaus, now the only European leader holding out against ratifying the document, made it clear he did not give a damn.
As I recall the Czechs make S&B ammo; I think I'll buy some just to support this.

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Mattexian said...

If the prices on their old surplus CZ-## weren't going up so much, I'd pick up a couple more to encourage them too. Maybe I'll just have to eat some kolaches instead.

Doesn't this make the second Czech leader who's pissed off the rest of the world by refusing to go along to get along? Vaclav Havel did much the same by speaking out against what he called the "New Communism", the Green Movement.