Friday, October 09, 2009

As of this time the .22 pistol post has 14 replies,

and it breaks down as
Walther P11, 1
S&W 22A, 1
Sig Mosquito, 1.5(Would be 2,except Conant sort of damns his with faint praise)
Beretta Neo, 1
Various model Ruger, 7

The big gripe with the Rugers is takedown/reassembly, otherwise their owners generally love them. Decent price, solidly made and accurate. Which has been my experience.

Of all these, I've fired the Ruger MkII and 22/45(early version), Mosquito and Neo. The Mosquito I wrote about friend's problems with here; it was fairly accurate, and comfortable in the hand, but I've heard of too many problems to be comfortable recommending them(side note: Tam says she believes it's made by Umarex for Sig; doesn't Umarex also make the Colt .22 version AR15? And doesn't it have a bunch of problems too?).

The Neo looks halfway like a ray gun, and the one I fired was both reliable and accurate; the guy at the range who let me fire it loved it and had two: his and the new one he was sighting in for his wife.

On the Walther I've read of a bunch of problems with slides cracking; anybody know more? (I think I read somewhere that Umarex makes the slides; if I'm remembering right, damn) The other side is, a lot of people have them and love them.

So that's what came in, make of it what you will. Ruger has their problems, but they do make some good .22 pistols.

Know what I'd like? Someone to start making the High Standard Sport King again; that's a fine-shooting thing, and solid as a rock.


Anonymous said...

I've had three Ruger handguns, a Standard .22 auto bought in 1964 for the magnifecent sum of $36.50 a Bearcat bought the same Summer for $38.50 and a used Single Six bought two years ago for $140.00.

I never found the .22 Auto at all difficult to field strip or clean, all that's needed is a small screwdriver to pry up the mainspring housing and the wit to understand the bloody instructions.

The revolvers were, as all Ruger single action revolvers are, rugged as anvils and as accurate as a single action revolver needs to be.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

Chalk up another vote for Ruger. My Mk.III 22/45 accompanies me on every trip to the range.

Same caveats regarding takedown. But otherwise she's a gem.

Anonymous said...

I've got a Ruger P95 and it is a bitch to break down....well, it used to be. I've got him figured out now.

My Dad has various Rugers and they all shoot wonderfully. Solid.

Arthur said...

There's quite a few Sport Kings up on gunbroker right now, for not crazy amounts of money.

High Standard Sport King

Anonymous said...

One vote for the Neo. Had mine over a year with few jams (very cheap lead bullet ammo). Very easy to disasemble and clean.

Anonymous said...

Right now, High Standard is showinthe Sport King available as 'limited edition' for $695.

Chris said...

Second the Neo. I've had mine for a little over a year, and no problems putting hundreds of rounds a session through it.