Friday, October 09, 2009

Honduras tells the OAS to kiss their collective ass

In proper diplomatic language, of course.
Yesterday Honduran president Roberto Micheletti had the opportunity to speak to the OAS in public, and speak he did: Honduras President Roberto Micheletti blasted OAS in new round of crisis talks
“First, I wish to express unending thanks for the good will that you are showing . . . but we must speak out about something: the truth. You do not know the whole truth and, at times it appears that you do not want to hear it. Why don’t we begin to investigate what happened before the 28th of June?

What happened was that Zelaya attempted to extend his own term limits, something specifically forbidden by the Honduran Constitution. Zelaya was also plundering the state treasury,

“Today we have the evidence. This is not just talk. Where Mr. Zelaya was feeding his horses with government money, where he paid the man who kept it with the State’s funds; twenty-seven thousand lempiras per month for the keeper and 20 thousand for the horses’ feed. Jewels purchased with government money, charged to the treasury of the Republic. But no one wants to see any of that. I would like you to investigate what has happened with the Treasury of Honduras in the past three months since we have been in charge.

“We were accused and sentenced in the 20 minutes that the OAS meeting lasted, where it was presumed we had staged a coup d’├ętat. Unfortunately, in this country, some people read our constitution and say it’s a monstrosity; but that monstrosity has kept order, quiet and peace in this country for 29 years under a democratic regime in which nobody had attempted to breach the constitutional order in our country by trying to set up a Constitutional convention.”

Good for Honduras.


Anonymous said...

A president that knows the law, applys it justly, for the benefit of the people, and tells the rest of the world to kiss his rosy red-eye.

B Woodman

Fire said...

'Bout damn time, huh?

That's gets a "HELL YEAH!" from me.