Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yeah, we'll just LOOOVE socialized medicine...

Once again, all you have to do is look at British news and you find things like this:
A grandmother dying of ovarian cancer was sent home five times by medics who said her crippling pain was caused by trapped wind.

Barbara Collins, 68, was bed ridden for months with agonising pain and bowel problems, classic signs of the killer disease, but sent home with only laxatives.

The mother of four was correctly diagnosed with ovarian cancer a staggering four months after her first visit to Manchester Royal Infirmary, and died 10 days later
Of course, according to President Obama maybe she'd have been better off just taking a pill.
Mrs Collins first visited Manchester Royal Infirmary on April 6.

Medics failed to pick up the condition during two separate visits to the walk-in centre and a visit to accident and emergency.

The grandmother of ten was even sent home without a diagnosis after being admitted to the hospital for five days following a referral from her GP.

Mrs Collins was later called for a ‘non-urgent scan’ which also failed to identify the life-threatening illness and was sent home with the message that her crippling pain was simply due to trapped wind.
So these clowns had her in the hospital twice, once for FIVE FRICKIN' DAYS, and couldn't find the problem
The tumour was only diagnosed on 31 July by which time it had spread to her lungs and her bowel.

Mrs Collins died at St Mary's Hospital on August 10.
Of course, they are 'launching an investigation' as to how this was screwed up; anyone want to take bets they'll get to the real problem?

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