Wednesday, October 07, 2009

.22 auto pistols

So far, my post asking "What would you recommend?" has 12 responses. Many point to the Ruger, but also fans of the Sig, Walther, S&W and Beretta replied. James even managed, through is classes, to shoot out the bore of a Ruger MKII, which I wouldn't have thought possible(but you put that much ammo through one...).

I'll throw out another option: if you have a pistol for which they're available, you can get a .22 conversion. I got a Ciener for my 1911 compact several years ago, and it works well. Takes less than a minute to change it over, and it's worked well with most ammo I've tried. Upside, you can get one without all the paperwork of a new pistol, and you can use it for less espensive practice. Downside, when it's in use your pistol can't be used as a .45 or 9mm or whatever.

Damn. I hadn't looked at their site in a while, here's what they make them for now: 1911, Glock, Beretta, Taurus and Browning Hi Power. And for Mini-14, AR and some AK platforms. They even make one for the Thompson subgun.

That's the take so far. Anyone with a suggestion/recommendation/"Stay away from", throw it in; later on I'll take everything I get and put them all together in a post.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

SIG makes conversion kits for their own stuff, so if you have a P229...

Anonymous said...

My problem with the conversions is that a near $1000 .22 conversion for a near $1000 9mm pistol could account for a chrome plated crapperload of .22 ammo for a good used $250 .22 auto pistol even at today's elevated prices.

Not being Bill Gates' favorite nephew sucks.

Gerry N.

Keith said...


Excellent practice for you and your new lathe

Make a clone of a pistol you like for your own use

As far as I can tell, no Fed restrictions on you doing it (not for sale, not for interstate commerce, not on NFA list, you're not a convicted felon), you'd have to check for local restrictions though.