Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Like Kevin says, this kid has a future

if some bureaucrat or politician doesn't lock him up first for acting without approval or something.
Though he ultimately had big designs for his creation, all he really wanted to do initially was power a small bulb in his bedroom so he could stay up and read past sunset.

But one windmill has turned into three, which now generate enough electricity to light several bulbs in his family’s house, power radios and a TV, charge his neighbors’ cellphones and pump water for the village’s fields and household use.

Now 22, Kamkwamba wants to build windmills across Malawi and perhaps beyond. Next summer he also plans to construct a drilling machine to bore 40-meter holes for water and pumps. His aim is to help Africans become self-sufficient and resolve their problems without reliance on foreign aid
Hot damn and hallelujah! "Let's do it ourselves, and not have all the strings and traps attached." Bloody wonderful it is, and if that attitude starts catching on...


Marja said...

He is the hope of Africa. If his attitude catches on, that is.

Keith said...

Don't worry, all sorts of bureaucrats will show up with fines taxes and threats for all thye petty laws (some made up on the spot) that he has broken.

He'll soon be worse off than when he started, and wish he never tried, and he'll provide a shining example to his whole generation of why they shouldn't try either.