Sunday, July 05, 2009

A while back I posted on the Senate making an apology for slavery

and that I thought it was a waste of time. Guy named James argued in comments that he thought it was a needed thing. If you're interested you can go back to the post and read it all. I stopped answering him because it became pretty circular; I just felt like putting something here as 'This is what I think'. Not really interesting in arguing it.

Yes, I think the government playing "We must Apologize for Slavery" is a waste of time and a game. Reasons below:
An apology is something that comes from someone who wronged someone else, to the one they feel they wronged. Not one of these clowns in the Senate, let alone anyone else alive, has owned a slave; there are no former slaves around to apologize to if they had. So they're 'apologizing' for something they didn't do to people who aren't around to hear it... yeah, that's real effective.

We fought a damn bloody war to end it. And the primary reason behind that war was slavery. That's not counting a lot of other mess(they called it Bloody Kansas for a reason) directly related to/caused by it. And it's over.

James asked "What if an ancestor of mine owned slaves, shouldn't I feel the need to apologize for that?"(paraphrased, not his exact words). Answer is, no. If some ancestor had owned someone, you know what that is to me? A data point. Nothing more. I didn't do it, neither of my parents or grandparents did, etc. Which is back to "How do you apologize for something you didn't do, and have no responsibility for?"

Slavery was bad. Common at the time, which doesn't change that it's bad. I wish the founders had been able to get rid of it right at the start, but they couldn't, and that eventually led to the Civil War and lots of mess. But it's over. For a long damn time.

If the clowns in the Senate actually wanted to do something on the subject, they could do something to end what's happening in Darfur; you know, the actual slavery? Tell the UN to go screw itself and send arms and trainers so these people could protect themselves, act to free the people enslaved, maybe something along those lines. But that would involve actually doing something, other than posturing for cameras and showing how 'sensitive and caring' they are; so instead they waste time on a symbolic piece of crap.

You know what this 'apology' actually does(other than letting politicians preen and try to buy votes)? It gives the RWPP clowns ammo to push for 'reparations'; "The Senate has apologized, so obviously the next step is to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves!" Which is bullcrap, but the clowns and socialists just love the idea so they'll push it. They have no problem looting people so as to give their money away to someone they think 'deserves' it; so they'll have no problem with looting people who had nothing to do with slavery, to give the money to people who've never been slaves. Wonderful, isn't it?


Mattexian said...

I think the only one in the Senate who need to apologize for what he did to black people is Robert Byrd (Klan-WV). Actually, all the Dems need to apologize to ALL the blacks, for keeping that voting bloc scared and dependent on BigGov for the last 40 years.

Darlin' said...

UUHHHMMM, I wonder....for the Confederates who owned slaves, do their offspring get money for the slaves they lost when slavery was abolished?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating slavery...I'm just being a bitch here. If people want to hand out money to people who weren't slaves, etc....then they should hand out money to the people who didn't own slaves, but whose family did....and whose family lost the money they paid for them.

Makes perfect sense to someone on crack, right?

Keith said...

All of this "apology" stuff is propaganda.

I had to laugh at the Republican party being accused of being racist for not apologiesing for slavery, for goodness sake, I'm English, I live in Ireland, but even I know that the Republican party was founded as an anti slavery party...

Now what twist of mind does it take to paint that as "racist"

Perhaps the party from which the bulk of the KKK members were drawn kind of twist of mind? (that would be the southern Dems for anyone who didn't know.

Oh yes, would the killing of around 24 million babies of one racial group be considered slightly racist? hmmm....?

I am pro choice (I also hate abortion) and have to admit that around 80% of 30 million abortion being of black girl's foetuses does smack of racist eugenics, even if it is "free choice..."

Now, if it comes to reparations, I'm going to be claiming for my ancestors being forced out of Africa...