Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And the plot thickens in Honduras

Or, considering the actions of the morons in DC, 'sickens' might be the word. First off, ref the shooting yesterday at the airport, there was one dead. And Hunter has this:
This is just a rough translation, as I am hurrying to make it available in English:

The Minister of Defense Adolfo Lionel Sevilla said this afternoon that the bullet that killed a young man at the demonstration Sunday in the Toncontín airport did not come from a military weapon.

According to the experts, the bullet that took the life of a young 19 year old, was not from a military caliber. The report reveals that the direction the young man died does not coincide with the trajectory of the direction of the bullet from the armed forces
There's a lot more. Including this in the previous post:
As reported yesterday from the perspective of the participants in the demonstration against the new government and for the return of Manuel Zelaya, it was said that the military initiated the conflict with the demonstrators. Recently I interviewed a high ranking Honduran military officer in Tegucigalpa, and he tells a different story than what is being officially reported.

The officer claims that protesters had wire cutters (I did see protesters with wire cutters) and began cutting the chain link fence and ripping it down. The crowd convened onto the fence, ready to rush onto the tarmac at the airport. Shots were fired from the military, however as of right now it is uncertain whether the casualties were the result of a military issued weapon.

As the rally came to a close, the police arrested 20 Nicaraguans from the crowd, who were armed with .357 pistols. Right now they are being detained and questioned as to their entry into the country and actions at the rally. Besides the Nicaraguans that were arrested yesterday, the officer claimed that there were foreigners from Cuba and Venezuela as well. He was unable or unwilling to provide more details on the other nationals
Well, well, an awful lot of foreigners showing up at these protests. I'm willing to believe it; with Chavez threatening to invade, Nicaragua making noises and Cuba doing its usual 'spread socialism no matter how many die', why wouldn't I?

Here's some of the most recent at Fausta's blog we find this quote:
The fact that the military carried out the Honduran Supreme Court’s orders in removing a would-be dictator, after he flouted the court’s rulings, does not make it a “military coup.” When court orders are defied by powerful government officials, troops are sometimes called out to enforce them, as happened in the U.S. in 1957 when federal troops forced Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus to stop blocking the court-ordered integration of Little Rock’s public schools. Indeed, Article 272 of the Honduran Constitution gives the military the power to remove a president even without a court order, if he seeks to violate the term limits prescribed in the Honduran Constitution. Even a legal commentator, Litho, at the leading liberal blog Daily Kos, which is run by a leftist Latin American immigrant, admits that the military’s action was “legal” in a “technical sense” under the Honduran Constitution.
Ok, when you have weenies at Kos having to admit the actions of the military were legal, that even if there hadn't been an order from the court(which there was, let us remember) it would have been legal for them to remove Zelaya from office for what he did. And yet Obama and Clinton are still running around yelling 'Coup!' and trying to force this clown back on Honduras.

Also at Fausta:
Mexico would offer asylum to Zelaya were he to request it, according to Foreign Relations Subsecretary Lourdes Aranda Bezaury
Asylum? Interesting word to use here.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. History in the making, with possible long-range ramifications for America and the Western hemisphere.

Sounds like Honduras is being hit with outside agitators attempting to foment internal civil strife and even war. So that the South American & Cuban Communist asshats can step in and "save the day" for "the people".

Question: And how many times, in how many places, has this been enacted before? And by whom?

Hint: Their empire is recently deceased, but their idology lives on. (There's a Shakespere line in there somewhere. Reference the death of Julius Caeser)

Answer: The USSR Communists.

B Woodman