Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The one thing I'll post about the Jackson death/funeral

Yes, he was talented; he also went total batshit crazy, and some of the kids who were allowed to be involved with him probably have permanent damage. And the adulation of so many people is a sign they don't actually have anything in their lives to believe in.

The idiocy of our media concentrating on this is another sign that they aren't to be trusted; troops are fighting and dying in A'stan, but damn little chance of their names being mentioned, after all, they have a CELEBRITY! to concentrate on.

And last, I'll borrow this from FFOF:

If LA wants to clean itself up, they should wait for all 30,000 people to show up [at Michael Jackson's memorial service] and then just lock the doors. It’s not gonna be the team behind the Large Hadron Collider.

It’s gonna be Billy Bush and Mary Hart and Joe Jackson and 800 lawyers and an army of delusional retards who the only thing they had to take time off from was clogging up 911 with calls about “that bitch is crazy, you needa arrest her ass.”

They should lock the doors, and then it turns out [the fans had] actually climbed aboard a rocket.

And then just shoot that thing right into the Sun.


ptg said...

At least we won't have to see MJ in Branson, Missouri in our golden years.

Anthony said...

You are so right about the media. Remember when they were going bat-shit crazy about not being allowed to photograph caskets at Dover when Bush was in office? Well, they got their wish, but now that the ONE is President, where are all of the pictures?