Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I decided to eat lunch before shopping, and found some more stuff

Like Larry Correa dealing with more unfan mail:
"I wrote you one of those hate mails, chum.

I’m not your chum.

At the time you were selling cheap, bargain basement chicom AK’s to your fan boys to pose with in the mirror in their underwear –
I sold guns that ranged from cheap to extremely expensive. The single most common gun I sold were Stag rifles that were usually in the $800-$900 range. Most of the cheap AKs were purchased by people who were on a tight budget.

As for posing in the underwear, I had a strict policy to never ever ask about stuff like that. And guys, now that I’m not in the gun business, I still don’t want to know.

and you tried to tell them that junk was not only as good as an HK, but better!
And what HK civilian-friendly non-scalper-priced rifle should I have sold them instead?

Oh wait, there isn’t one. Moron."
It's wonderful, check it out.

When the conversation at the ladies' luncheon suddenly swung from cats and grandchildren to the ammo shortage, I finally verified I was not imagining things.

We're living in strange times. Perilous times. Definitely uncertain times
There's minimum of obligatory pro personal-disarmament-law and anti semi-auto statement, otherwise interesting.

Dammit, I hate it when she posts something like this and I'm about to go for groceries and such.

Awwww, Ward Churchill isn't getting his job back. OR his dollar. Ain't that awful? Among other things from the judge,
If I granted reinstatement I believe there is a substantial likelihood that there would be future disputes about the propriety of Professor Churchill’s academic conduct, as well as the Department of Ethnic Studies’ ability to evaluate the probity and veracity of his scholarship. Those disputes would necessarily raise the question of whether the University has retaliated against Professor Churchill, especially given Professor Churchill’s counsel’s post-verdict statements, such as, “Anything that is deemed retaliatory is another lawsuit. If they look at him cross-eyed, they could very well end up back in court.”
I rely upon Professor Churchill’s statements demonstrating his hostility to the University. His statements illustrate that reinstatement, as a practical matter, is not likely to create productive and amicable working relationships.
And, a truly nice bit,(bold mine)
The evidence was credible that Professor Churchill will not only be the most visible member of the Department of Ethnic Studies if reinstated, but that reinstatement will create the perception in the broader academic community that the Department of Ethnic Studies tolerates research misconduct. The evidence was also credible that this perception will make it more difficult for the Department of Ethnic Studies to attract and retain new faculty members. In addition, this negative perception has great potential to hinder students graduating from the Department of Ethnic Studies in their efforts to obtain placement in graduate programs.
While the university would probably be best off if they got rid of the Department of Ethnic Studies, at the least they can continue to rid it of liars and fools like Churchill; at the least, saying "I went to CU in Ethnic Studies!" shouldn't automatically mark you as sympathetic to fraud and other bad things.

NOW I need to go out. What cheese did that mess from the redhead need?...

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Anonymous said...

Chum. . . Isn't that the stuff you throw in the water to bait the fish to your area? Or the stuff you strew around your tree post to make the deer come in closer for an easier shot?

If someone called me "chum" I'd be insulted.

B Woodman