Monday, July 06, 2009

Yeah, socialized medicine is just GREAT!

You may die, but at least the health care is free!
Fabio Alves-Nunes suffered multiple organ failure after a severe reaction to the illness.

His death was the result of a series of "significant failings" by East Surrey Hospital in Redhill, an independent report said.

When parents Anna and Ricardo Alva-Nunes telephoned three times requesting an urgent home visit from their GP a receptionist told them to give their son a cold bath and some Calpol
Receptionist, meet boot to vital organs.
On the February 14 last year Mr Alva-Nunes desperately rushed his son to A&E for a second time.

Doctors spent 20 to 30 minutes with him before sending him home with painkillers and antibiotics.

Three days later Fabio lost consciousness at home in Redhill and paramedics were called.

His mother, 36, told the Daily Mirror the paramedics decided to take him into hospital after three hours.

It was then more than 24 hours until Fabio was taken to Evelina Children's Hospital in south London where he died
But, of course, "It's not OUR fault!"
Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, said it accepted there were sytematic failings, but denies they contributed to Fabio's death.

An inquest ruled that there was no evidence that earlier intervention could have saved him
No, I'm not a doctor. I still call absolute bullshit. Denial, go away peasant, stop bothering us. Don't you know your health care is free?
But Fabio's parents are furious that names were blanked in the report into his death and they want someone to be held accountable.
Well, hell, of COURSE they're blacked out; you can't let the minions of the State actually face responsibility, can you?

There's a picture of the kid at the site. It's labeled Parents released this image of Fabio on day A&E discharged him, and it's bloody awful. Note that this is not when he died; it's when the morons at the hospital sent him home.

And this is the level of 'health care' we'll have if Obama & Co. have their way.


Kevin said...


Sweet bleeding jeebus.

Anonymous said...

That is totally unconsionable! My grief and condolances go out to the parents for the loss of their young son, especially in that negligent manner. That picture needs to be plastered on every anti-socialized-health-care ad.

As for the "doctors" and other assorted hospital staff: They'd better start requesting police protection. If I ever found any of them in the hospital parking lot, they'd learn what it would be like to be under their own "health care". I'm not sure they would like the taste of their own medicine.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder what the statistics for chicken pox deaths are in this country of substandard medical care. Coming to yuou soon c/o democrats and tao