Tuesday, July 07, 2009

William Wallace would friggin' cry if he saw Scotland

A second phase of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of airguns has been launched by the Scottish Government.

The campaign, which uses adverts, internet viral marketing, posters and leaflets, is resuming for the summer.

Police suggested this is when airgun incidents are most likely to occur.

Figures revealed the first phase of the campaign saw over 130,000 plays of the internet viral and almost 15,000 visits to the campaign web site.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: "Air guns are not toys, but weapons that can kill and maim. There have been tragedies that have caused pain and injury to children and animals. That's why we believe that action must be taken.

Etc., etc., ad holy crap. Couple of years ago someone found a .22 Short cartridge in a street and the whole city crapped bricks; now Scotland is doing this along with their 'knife amnesty' bullcrap.

Barring a miracle, Britain is so screwed.


BobG said...

It's getting so they might as well trade in their kilts for skirts.

Fire said...

He would so shit! Just because he was damn handy with a sword and rocks (I place my hand over my heart...he's kin) doesn't mean everyone else is. And I'm thinking he would just love a nice AR15.