Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I wonder if anyone else could keep one of those issue subguns

handy for home defense? Without getting arrested?
Which leads me to the third fear, that there is a revolution coming, yes, a revolution on the scale of the original American Revolution. You can hear this topic discussed on many of the talk radio shows by even the big name hosts. The possibility of an armed revolution against the U.S. government being discussed, albeit very gingerly and fleetingly and as something to be avoided, which it is. I never heard this mentioned in the 90s. One of my quietest, low profile officer friends brought it up the other day.

He said that at some point in the near future, he felt there is going to be an armed revolt if things keep going the way they are. Something has got to give. I was shocked. Yes, I had heard this from some of my more radical
cop friends in the past, but to hear it from a guy like this was unprecedented. Now, these guys are not saying this will happen to foment revolution, preach sedition or to even participate. They just want to be ready if it happens, to at least defend their families, because number four on the fear list is general societal chaos.

Cops fear for their parents, wives, children or grandchildren more now than ever before. Most cops are encouraging their spouses and loved ones to get concealed carry permits. Not only that, but some of these same cops are buying gun mounts for their personal cars so they can carry an AR in the family ride at the ready all the time. They are also strapping on heavier forms of off-duty hardware. I have other friends that are issued ARs or subguns for tactical team use, who always have their gear with them and are planning on just commandeering these weapons for personal use in defending hearth and home

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Mattexian said...

Part of me says, more power to 'em, they'll probably be on some thug's hit-list anyway and need the extra firepower; another part says, those cheatin' bastids, where the F***'s my subgun?!? They're supposed to be CIVILIAN peacekeepers, not wannabe SWAT SpecOps ninjas. And yet, they're not gonna say to their higher-ups, "Whoa, we don't need the military hardware, we're still civilians!"

They've been treated like part of society's Elite, with "one set of laws for me, one set of laws for thee," military and police exempt from weapons restrictions. We've been told, the police need these weapons 'cause the bad guys have them already, yet they don't let the peasants have them too, even tho we're the ones who'll meet Mr. Bad Guy first on the street! Officer Friendly comes along later and draws that chalk outline around the poor, innocent (defenseless, but let's not discuss that) peasant.