Monday, July 06, 2009

More from Honduras, and a blog on the place

Legal Insurrection posted on what appears to be a staged photo used by Reuters, and pointed to Honduras Abandoned, by a guy who decided to go down there and see.

Looks like Chavez and Ortega and- possibly- Obama finally got some dead people to play games with:
Commotion began coming from the crowd, saying that something happened at the far end of the airport where the other demonstraters were. I watched as a paramedic raced through the blockade and I followed in trace.

At the far end I noticed how portions of the chain linked fence had been torn to the ground. As I continued forward, I noticed a group gathered around a spot in the street. I made my way to the center of the circle and saw a puddle of blood on the street. The protesters explained that the military on the other side of the fence began firing into the crowd and that they killed some of the protesters (I heard 2 or 3 dead).

One of the protesters was carrying emtpy shells of 5.56 in his palm, and he claimed that they were from the soldiers. I have no way of confiming if that is true or not, since they had been removed from the site. On top of a hill there was another gathering of people, where they encircled another puddle of blood. Again, I was told that the military opened fire on the crowd.

There was a sense of anger, sadness, dispair, and frustration within the crowd. Some of the protesters were up along the fence screaming death threats to the military, while others were throwing rocks. I talked with Martin Castillo, a protester that witnessed the shootings, and he explained that the military approached the fence and used CS gas on the crowd. The crowd responded by throwing rocks back at the military, and that the military responded back by firing into the air while some fired into the crowd. I cannot confirm the accuracy of his testament
Fausta has this from BBC:
At least one person has been killed as Honduran troops try to disperse supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya at Tegucigalpa airport. Mr Zelaya’s plane has been circling above the capital after flying in from the US, while the interim authorities insist it will not be allowed to land. They are seeking to re-route the plane to El Salvador instead.
This was yesterday, remember. Gateway Pundit's latest has more pictures.

In some ways, this is going like fairly standard commie routine in many places over the years; push things until someone dies, then use them to try to push things further. And if anyone is shaking their head at the fossil talking about commies, I remind you that Chavez has flat threated to invade the country to 'restore' Zelaya as president, and I don't doubt Ortega has troops messing around at the border to stir things up. With those two involved, don't give me crap for pointing out that communists are involved.

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