Monday, July 20, 2009

And down in Honduras,

the legal government has basically said "You're not going to shove this Chavez puppet back into our President's chair":
When asked about the idea of having Zelaya return to Honduras as president with a reconciliation government, Assistant Foreign Minister Martha Lorena Alvarado gave a one-word response: “Impossible.”

Her comment in Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, was the clearest indication that the talks had deadlocked.

“The reinstatement of Zelaya, as we have maintained and now repeat, is not negotiable … there is no possibility of him returning to Honduras as president,” Alvarado said

And, later,
Honduras' interim leader, Roberto Micheletti, flatly rejected Arias' proposal that Zelaya be reinstated, the major stumbling block in the mediation.

"I'm very sorry, but the proposals that you have presented are unacceptable to the constitutional government of Honduras ... in particular your proposal number one," said Carlos Lopez, head of the negotiating team for Micheletti

Hell yeah! The Honduran government followed the law and threw Zelaya out, and they're not letting HopeyChangeypants push them into lettting this clown turn their country into another Venezuela. Despite Obama being seen as so friendly to tyrants that Chavez called Washington for help shoving the dictator wannabe back into power.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that President Micheletti has a backbone and will not let himself or the people under his Constitutional protection be abused.


I'll bet all the bully boys on the block (Chavaz, Ortega, Castro, Obeyme, OAS) will be backing down & just mumbling themselves quietly away.

B Woodman

Abraham Flores said...

If only they would back down and mumble themselves quietly away. I YEARN for that for the sake of the innocent Hondurans who are just pawns in this stinking game of power. Hondurans are a peaceful people that have not had the civil wars each of their neighbors have had in past decades of struggle against Communism. Now it looks like Chávez is willing to help provoke a civil war just to get his ally/puppet back in power. This is sick and horrible.

You do have to understand, though, that the current government and society needs to improve too. If they don't address some of the concerns of the people, such as the wide gap between rich and poor, and giving the people an adequate education and opportunity, etc., then the people will easily fall for the lies and exploitation of leaders like Zelaya and Chávez. The nation has suffered under horrible corruption for so long. (And Zelaya was twice as bad as any before him).

Firehand said...

You actually think that 'humbling' themselves and letting this Chavez clone back into power would help them? Take a look at what Chavez has done to Venezuela and tell me that again; I still won't believe it.

I don't know much of the history of Honduras; I do know they've shown the balls and integrity to enforce their laws against a President who broke them. They should be supported for that, not crapped on by OAS and Obama. And I have to say, every time a government starts 'fixing' the gap between rich and poor, it screws things up worse. So Honduras has problems? Name a country that doesn't.