Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have a question for the five of you who read this,

which will probably get me labeled 'conspiracy loon' by some. Question is,

Let's say someone puts information before a judge who then says "I order President Obama to produce his actual birth certificate." Screaming, threats, etc. ensue, but in the end you have a legal order from a judge saying "Produce it or people are going to jail." And the certificate is dragged out and examined, and lo! Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born American citizen.

What should happen then?

Yes, I know, I've read all the crap from both sides. I wouldn't worry about it except for one thing: instead of producing the damn thing and ending the question, Obama and the Democrats(or should I just say 'his flying monkeys'?) have spent a hell of a lot of money and lawyer time trying to make sure no such order happens. Which makes me think there's something rotten in the Democrat PartyDenmark of this matter. Thus, the question.


jed said...

First off, I agree with you that Obama should just produce the correct credential, and I can't imagine why he wouldn't, unless there it would cause a problem. It really is such a simple thing. For example, I have a notarized copy of mine -- have had it on hand since 1986.

A finding that he is not a natural-born citizen would invalidate the election. It would invalidate the primaries / caucuses as well. The Republicans would have a valid complaint that McCain might have won against a different opponent. Rerunning the whole process would be an enormous PITA. I'll guess that the rules of succession would be applied, and Biden would be sworn in, but that has an unsettled flavor to it.

Consider that all his executive orders, appointments, and all bills signed by him into law, would all be void.

I really don't know what should be done with those people responsible for vetting candidates, in such a scenario. I would have thought that processes were already in place to verify eligibility for office.

LightBulbFixer said...

If they do produce the mythical birth certificate and it turns out he isn't a US citizen, they probably do the usual Democrat thing and just change the fucking rules.

James R. Rummel said...

What do I think would happen if it turns out that Obama isn't eligible to be elected President? Nothing at all, really. Except that we might have the first new amendment to the Constitution enacted since 1992.

Dan said...

From the vacuum betwixt my ears...

We end up with Biden in charge. ugh.

Mattexian said...

Ya know, I don't think we could do much worse if Biden got stuck with the job, as long as That One got thrown in jail for fraud, along with revoking everything He's signed/ordered since getting into office.

Anthony said...

A Constitutional crisis of epic proportions. While I truly despise Obama, and I do, I am not so sure this would be a good thing for the republic in these times.

Hang on. 2010 is very close.

Timmeehh said...

Hang him.

Vote For David said...

Obama happens to be in a country without an extradition treaty when the document is produced. He is deposed from office by the Senate or whoever's job it is.

Biden takes the oath. Biden signs a bill the essence of which says: "everything the last guy did before he became the last guy, we say it goes, too."

Nothing changes.

jed said...

Bowen, the Democrats can't "just change" the rules. As James mentioned, it would require a Constitutional Amendment.

A proposed amendment requires a 2/3 majority in each house of the legislature, or must be proposed by 2/3 of the state legislatures. Neither of these is likely. But assume a bill manages to pass in both the House and Senate. 3/4 of the States must ratify. That ain't gonna happen.

And what do you suppose will be going on during the time it takes to get that whole process going and finished? We will have an illegitimate national government.

Don said...

First, everyone should then stop telling their children that "wishing doesn't make it so," because if that ever happens, it'll be clear that it isn't true.

Second, Obama is stripped of the Presidency. Biden becomes President. (Unless someone can show that Biden's not legally qualified either, and no, the fact that his running mate wasn't qualified isn't going to cut it.)

You have now managed to put Joe Biden in charge of the U.S. military, a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, and all the extra powers Presidents have been saving up over the decades.

Congratulations, we're all gonna die.

EgregiousCharles said...

Why won't he produce it? Because it makes such a wonderful distraction from real issues. Even if he wasn't born in Hawaii, he's still a citizen:

But lots of people spend time spinning their wheels on this issue instead of ones that might make a real difference, like opposing socialized medicine.

skidmark said...

I'm with Jed - it should all be null and void back to the beginning of the primaries. As for Biden stepping up via the line of succession I say "No" as he is in office only on the coattails of the person elected Pres. Thus the same "No" for succession via the Speaker, SecState, etc.

Who should sit in the big chair? I have no idea how that should (by law) be decided if the person now there is proven ineligible. Given my druthers, I'd like to see us coast along with an empty chair for the next 3 1/2 years just to see if anything collapses.

What to do about all the laws, acts, treaties, etc. that have been inked? They ought (by law) to be declared null & void but there is little that could be done to undo what hasa already happened under them. Just stopping would be fine by me.

As for all the appointments made? Null & void them. If we really need a warm body in a particular spot I guess we'll have to figure out how to pick them, but again I'm voting to coast along with vacancies - yes, even on the Supreme Court.

It's between the little child in me and the disgust I have for what's been done that I say coast along and see if we really do need a warm body in any of the chairs.

stay safe.

word verification: facia: the phoney facts that got us in this mess

Anonymous said...

Off with his head!

Or just ship him far away from this country. The muslim world might just take him. They love anyone who hates America. Wait. That's not fair. But I don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this tried, just before the November election? Whatever happened then, would happen now.


Unless you want to get into a "Pelican Brief"-type conspiracy scenerio. But as to who would be assinating who, I wouldn't even try to venture a guess. I'd probably be wrong.

B Woodman