Monday, July 20, 2009

As RNS points out, you'd have heard about this ALL WEEKEND

IN CAPS if it'd been a Republican anything:
The president of the Stokes County chapter of the NAACP was arrested Monday on sex and weapons charges.

Larry Lash, 54, of Walnut Cove is charged with 6 counts of statutory rape, 2 counts of sex offense with certain victims, and 2 counts of first degree sex offense among other sex charges.

Stokes County Sheriff Mike Joyce told WFMY News 2 the case involves three victims. He said at least two of the victims were under the age of 16 when the crimes occurred. Investigators believe the sex acts took place at Lash's Walnut Cove home over a period of time.

That's the sex; what about the weapons?
Lash was taken into custody at his home. During his arrest, investigators found five guns and multiple rounds of ammunition, according to Sheriff Joyce. As a result of the discovery, Lash was also charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

"He had two prior felonies, according to his records," explained Joyce. "One involved the death of two people back in the mid 70's, and the other was an incident where in Rockingham County he discharged a weapon into a motor vehicle."

Damn, nice people in charge at the NAACP, huh? And if they claim "We didn't know about this", I call bullcrap, too:
If the there is any evidence at all that Lash used the influence and prestige of his position to carry out his assaults, I hope that the families of the victims sue the state and local organizations into bankruptcy as a warning that no organization is above the law, and especially one chartered to fight for equality.

In this day and age where you have to submit to a criminal background check for everything from applying for loans, to applying for jobs, to volunteering in many organizations, there is no excuse at all for the NAACP not vetting their officers on every level, including Lash.

The other possibily—that the NAACP knew Lash was an convicted killer, and allowed him to serve anyway—is even more dangerously negligent, and I hope is far from the truth
But, I have to say, it's quite possible.

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martywd said...

...The other possibily—that the NAACP knew Lash was an convicted killer, and allowed him to serve anyway—...  

Probably this was the deciding factor for Lash's successful employment at that position of responsibility? [/sarc]