Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How's that "Strict control of firearms" in Britain working out?

Not real well.
A 13-year-old schoolgirl has been arrested by armed police - after they discovered a sub-machine gun in her wardrobe.

The teenager was taken into custody yesterday afternoon after the M16-style rifle - capable of firing up to 900 rounds-per-minute - was seized at a flat in Croydon, South London
Please, that's just not possible! Why, such guns are BANNED in Britain!
After they secured the flat, Sergeant Darin Birmingham and his team searched the rooms, uncovering the weapon wrapped in clothes under a wardrobe.

Sgt Birmingham said: 'We received information that the young man living here, who is a known gang member, had access to firearms.

'We pieced together the information we had and decided to act immediately in case the firearm was used
(if it hadn't already...)
A M16 isn't a sub-gun; and we don't know if this was an M16 or an AR; you still have the fact that in 'strictly-controlled' Britain a gang-banger apparently had little trouble getting it. Seems like the "We should have laws like Britain!" idea just isn't working out real well.

Speaking of Britain,
The number of knife deaths in areas targeted by an anti-knife crime scheme has risen, the Home Office has said.

The government's Tackling Knives Action Programme started last July in 10 police areas in England and Wales.

In its first nine months, 126 people died after being attacked with a knife or other sharp object - seven more than in the same period the previous year.

Overall knife-related violence fell by 10%, but the number of deaths among teenagers remains unchanged
There's a lot of "But things are getting better!" sunniness, but at the end you have someone pointing to a bit of reality:
Professor Marian Fitzgerald, a criminologist at Kent University, said the government was putting too much emphasis on knife carrying instead of knife crime.

She said: "They have thrown a lot at very visible police enforcement, lots of stop and search, most of which yields nothing.

"Meanwhile that hardcore who are determined to perpetrate violence whatever is done are not being dealt with."

Exactly. Someone with a pocketknife for general use isn't a threat; someone committing a crime is. Deal with the criminal, dammit, and stop blaming the object. And stop making criminals of people with no evil intent.


Sigivald said...

Well, if it was a 9MM full-auto one it'd be a subgun...

Anonymous said...

Remember that anytime you read published crime statistic from (formerly) GB, there is a very high probability that the stastics have been cooked by the police departments reporting them.